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Nov 18th, 2011 4:37pm

Ahh I think its save to say that this is day one of city living… Even though I was here for a month at the New york Presbyterian Hospital getting treated and if you would like to read why go to but this time around here its different because im not stuck in a hospital, i get to go out and do things and stuff still alittle boring im not working or have friends close by but ill be doing things to keep you updated in the meantime im gonna work on getting tumblr followers lol so i dont keep writing to nobody lol

mac miller addiction

my mac miller addiction is pretty serious. but i never liked an artist so much but not in that way but u know, hes insane and hes blowin up fast. Blue Slide Park.(Mac Millers debut album) number 1 indie album in the country without hardly any radio play. so much better then the complete shit you hear on the radio. hes real as fuck and relate-able on all levels.  Follow him on twitter @MacMiller and check out his website

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